Casting music

Casting music

Casting music: in the musical sector, the productions are numerous

The music is an art that uses the voice and the musical instruments (piano, guitar, flute. . . ).  The music is a very expanded art that accompanies in the life numerous persons thir lifes.

The music is more than an entertainment tool. It is the way of some kind expressions with political messages. It is also a form of connection with the persons in the festivals, concerts...

The original sound-track of a movie, to the music of a publicity, the emission of the television; the music is everywhere.

So, that means that there are a lot of casting music:

  • Casting music
  • Casting singer
  • Casting composer

For the casting singer, the artist will have, before the casting, to send a demo with its voice to the casting director. If your voice has attracted the attention of the casting director, he will call you to the casting singer face to face with him.

For the castings composers, they will ask you for one of your compositions.

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