Movies: the universe of thousands of artists

The movies refer to the cinema. It is considered the seventh art.

A movie counts real or imaginary histories. Also it can be of different genres:

  • Comical movie (in order to entertain the people)
  • Historical movie (its vocation is that of reporting a historical event)
  • Horror movie (its target is clearly to terrify to the people)
  • Fantastic movie (to make us to dream)
  • Action movie (the typical scene actions with cars, violence, fights...)
  • Dramatic movie (the intention is of thrilling and transmitting different feelings)

How a movie is realized

The movies production they need a big team: actors / actresses, producers, extras, ballet dancers, stage manager, voice in off... post numerous announcements of castings films. Enjoy also of these announcements to apply for to be part of the adventure of the production of a film.

Casting movie

If you are called to a casting movie, the preparation will be different according to the position that you postulate.

- For an actor / actress, to analyze the roll and the artistic project for which you apply. Work your interpretation, diction, body-language and movements

- For a voice in off, the body-language or the movement are useless. Work your voice. The voice comes from the vocal cords, and they are a muscle, so should work it with certain precaution

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